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Jul 2

Untitled Haiku

A silence creeps in

like darkness falling at night

we listen for life.

Jun 23
“Love. Fall in love and stay in love. Write only what you love, and love what you write. The word is love.” Ray Bradbury (via talkativolive)

Jun 17

Look at how far

It’s so strange

sitting here in a crowded cafe, waiting for the sun to go down

so I can better see my computer screen,

Searching online

      for old friends who don’t want to be found

Knowing five years ago I wouldn’t have even been able to imagine where I am now.

I wish I could just say to them,

look at how far I’ve come

Jun 8

5 simple rules.


5 simple rules.

Jun 7

Mama’s Boy

Trapped in the reflection

of your mother’s eyes

she insists you are above me

and yet

I see you pacing

                      in black and white


         to escape from her

attempting to make a break for it

          to run back to me

          but to no avail

I call out your name, my love

and wake up

May 20

Hungry for a Stanza

some poems

practically write themselves,

others don’t arrive for days


the moments from which

they were inspired:

sometimes an image

sometimes a rhyme

sometimes nonsense


sometimes a lie

it’s all

part of the facade

of a creative person



paint by number


in this colorful world,

she wants to

shake awake,

to feed the masses

on her words. 

“Hope is the dream of a soul awake.”

Alone, where you left me

I remember

my heart opened wide

the glint we shared in our eyes

fresh from union

awakened to new love

in that second

I realized I loved you


I didn’t know how to hold on

when you let go

I want to cry out to the divine

why did our love wither on the vine

and all I know

is that you had no logic

left to appeal to reason

when you departed this world

Jan 11

everybody has something

I confess. I recently went on a “My So-Called Life” episode watching binge. When I look back, it’s as though the character Angela Chase taught me everything there was to know about being a teenage girl.

Later, I dreamed Jared Leto kissed me. Not the present day Jared Leto, mind you, but as he appeared in “My So-Called Life.” In my dream, I divulged to him a secret that usually makes or breaks my relationships. He shrugged, smiled wide, and said, “Everybody has something.” His blue eyes shone brilliantly, and the feeling of acceptance I awoke with was palpable.

I have no idea what this dream means, nor what my psyche was trying to tell me. It was just a beautiful experience. 

Dec 31

How fickle my love

I wonder

how I survived

this rainiest year on record

without you

I felt like those kisses and heartbreak

all happened

to someone else,

and they did:

it’s been more than

seven years,

cell by cell,

I’ve become

a whole new person

Which is good


losing you

nearly destroyed me

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